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Asset Management • Specialist strategies

Specialist strategies

We exploit the inefficiencies of fixed income and equity markets with a long-term "contrarian" approach. We do so in a programmed and consistent manner, combining our own strategies with the selection of the best specialists.

Systematic management

Since 1994, our Systematic Management Strategies have been seeking the optimization of the return and risk profile, exploiting market inefficiencies such as investors’ preference for protection against loss or short-termism, through predictable, contrarian, consistent and cost-competitive investment programmes.

Fon Fineco Gestión

Absolute return strategy with a +2% Treasury Bill target which, through a predictable and contrarian investment programme, provides protection in bear market scenarios and maximum resilience over a 24-month horizon.

Fon Fineco Inversión

Alternative strategy to Euro equity which provides positive and predictable Alpha in sideways market scenarios in horizons of up to 36 months (ETF plus).

Millenium Fund

Since 2005, this strategy has made it possible to extract a predictable Alpha as compared to mixed Euro Fixed Income and equities investments through its equity investment horizon.

Active and Diversified Financial Credit Management

Strategy which combines the managers’ analytical capacity, an intermediate investment horizon and a long-term commitment so as to cope with the current situation of low interest rates.

Financials Credit Fund

This strategy takes advantage of the opportunities offered by financial institutions’ debt instruments, providing an attractive absolute return as compared to other fixed income alternatives.

Selection of global specialist managers

Our independent manager selection process has enabled us to devise investment solutions with access to those global asset managers with the most consistent results in their specialties, under an open architecture, in the most competitive manner and without any conflicts of interest.

Multifondo Europa

Since 2003, the Multifondo Europa strategy has provided consistent returns by combining  the Alpha from different styles and factors in European equity. 

Fon Fineco Renta Fija Internacional

Fon Fineco Renta Fija Internacional has provided maximum global diversification thanks to the analysis and selection skills of its specialist managers, efficiently managing to preserve the capital’s purchasing power for the investor in Euros.

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