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Wealth Management • Family office

Family Office

Our Multi-Family Office service provides independent advice to families on the management of their wealth so as to maximize the achievement of their goals.

Who are we addressing?


Clients with liquid assets about which they must make management decisions.


Families whose origin is closely linked to a family business


Wealth generated as a result of a liquidity event.

Do you have your own family office?


  • Coordinating family offices
  • Main subcontracted services (tax, financial...)
  • Delegated investment office monitoring the investment in depth with professional criteria

Not yet

  • Monitoring investment directly with the family
  • Relationship with all the financial institutions
  • Family agenda regarding the investment activity
  • Document filing administrative tasks
  • Order management

And our investment model?

It is characterized by

  • Not making investment decisions ourselves
  • Selecting the best portfolio managers at an international level
  • The best model to train and develop the family as an investor.

Non-economic objectives

  • Professionalize the management of family assets (organize it)
  • Generate family bonding in the management of the assets, preventing all kinds of conflict

Investment Services for Family Office





  • Provision of the necessary materials/resources


  • Design of initial architecture (supplier model, typology of investment funds, portfolio profiling adv.)
  • Review of reports/Discussion of management implications
  • Resolution of everyday doubts with regard to managerial issues
  • Investment Committee preparation and attendance
  • Participation in strategic reflections, family events adv.
  • Legal/tax support in specific identified aspects (using external resources as required)

Middle Office

  • Preparation of management reports
  • Resolution of everyday doubts with regard to supplier management issues
  • Logistics training of Investment Committees

Administration and accounting

  • Preparation of account/tax reporting and integration into Family Office systems
  • Resolution of everyday doubts with regard to accounting/administrative issues

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