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Value Services

We invest in developing our knowledge of all the clients’ growing needs.

At present we must highlight the integration of ESG criteria into the investment processes and the clarification of the legal framework for the client’s key events.

ESG Experience

Either due to statutory requirements, fashion or one’s own conviction, the inclusion of sustainability criteria in business and investment activities is already a must.

At Fineco we genuinely believe that the inclusion of ESG criteria in our day-to-day work reinforces the fulfilment of our fiduciary duty to our clients.

For this reason, we have led the way in the development of our own knowledge and the establishment of models of collaboration with external experts. In this regard, we co-organize the Biscay ESG Global Summit, we annually deliver the Deusto ESG Investment and Finance Summer Program, we participate in conferences in international forums, we have our own certified products and we are signatories to the United Nations-Supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

ESG Investment

Our extensive experience in investment in general and in the application of ESG aspects in particular enables us to accompany our clients in the professionalization of their investments, integrating ESG criteria end-to-end in accordance with the targets. We provide advice on the development of protocols and procedures which guarantee an investment in keeping with their own environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. This could include aspects such as establishing the investment committee, supplier selection and/or reporting, amongst others.

We also accompany our clients in certification processes which give visibility to the transformation.

Legal Advice
for the Investor

Our clients’ investment decisions are closely linked to the legal and fiscal context.

To this end, we have the support of the Investor’s Legal Department, which enables our leadership and experience in financial advice to be completed with the appropriate and necessary professional guidance in those legal/tax issues derived from or linked to the investment process.

Moreover, our clients include a considerable number of business families who have placed their trust in us. The knowledge and experience in Family Business advice that we have accrued over the years enables us to play a key role in advising private clients on the management of their family or business assets, collaborating in their being preserved and increased for the following generations.


Throughout Fineco’s history, we have accompanied our institutional clients in the professionalization of their investment processes. We must highlight the advice we provide in investment procedures as well as the management of relations and mandates with investment service companies. .

At Fineco we think that, within the framework of this professionalization, the appropriate recording and assessment of positions is essential to enable the monitoring and evaluation of our clients’ investments.

Finally, at Fineco we are strong supporters of training and shared knowledge. This is evidenced by our long-standing teaching experience, our participation in conferences and training events and our collaboration by attending institutional committees.

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